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Multiamory Podcast

We believe in looking to the future of relationships, not maintaining the status quo of the past. We value ethics over tradition, and we believe that a healthy world is one where everybody has agency in their relationships.

We offer new ideas and advice for multiple forms of love: everything from conscious monogamy to ethical polyamory and radical relationship anarchy. We combine the knowledge from our years of personal experience with the best information available and present it in a way that’s entertaining, thought-provoking, and easy to apply to your relationships.

Conventional relationship advice is toxic and outdated. If you want some out-of-the-box ideas to deepen your current relationships, find the best romantic partners for you, broaden your sexual horizons, or develop a better understanding of yourself, then check out our podcast and blog. We love hearing your questions so please leave them in the comments or email us at

Oct 25, 2016

Have you ever felt alone on your poly journey? Do your friends or family immediately jump to blaming polyamory for any relationship problems you may have? We've definitely all encountered this and have wished for a better support network.

On this episode we talk with two people who created their own Poly Processing...

Oct 18, 2016

This week, the Multiamory crew is pissed off. The current political climate has inspired us to vent about a number of topical things that get under our skin: toxic masculinity, sexual harassment, the alt right, and more. In particular, we examine how the polyamorous community is not immune to these things, as well...

Oct 11, 2016

Most of us enjoy feeling special, particularly to our romantic partners. In traditional relationships, one's specialness is closely linked to exclusivity. You are the person I choose to be monogamous with, therefore you are #1 special person in my life! But when you have multiple partners, this thinking gets turned...

Oct 4, 2016

For a long time there haven't been many public role models to demonstrate healthy, high-functioning polyamory, in contrast to the many demonstrations of monogamy we see every day on TV, movies, and other corners of the media. It's easy to make mistakes when first venturing down the path of non-monogamy. This week, we...